Installing a Stiltz Trio Home Elevator is all about making your home accessible without sacrificing on style. The award-winning Stiltz elevator, ticks all the boxes for being functional and beautiful at the same time.

Here are some of its highlights:


The Stiltz Trio Home Elevator is the only wheelchair lift on the market which has a ‘thru car option. This functionality is highly desirable as it avoids tricky manoeuvres and is a great problem solver if you need to enter from one side and exit from the other because of the configurations of the rooms within your home.


Gone are the days of the noisy, clunky old-fashioned elevators which look more at home in a hospital. Thanks to its discreet self-contained motor, hidden neatly in the lift lid, the stylish Stiltz Trio home lift is whisper-quiet and its easy glide rails system ensures the travel experience is smooth and comfortable as it moves effortlessly between floors in under 30 seconds.


The blueprint of Stiltz Home Elevators focuses as much on practicality as it does style. Stiltz products are changing lives everyday as more and more customers re-claim their homes and access to all areas at the touch of a button, but it is also includes bags of visual appeal. Designed in soft muted colours so it blends with your home décor and available in bespoke finishes, the Trio elevator is designed with living in mind. A clear cabin and half height door, means natural daylight floods through making it feel airy and spacious and atmospheric downlighting allows you to use the elevator at your convenience day and night in complete comfort and safety.


Unlike elevators which require a machine room, lift pit and lift shaft, the Stiltz Trio is built in modules and is self supporting so you do not have to factor in a long lead time for electricians or builders. It arrives, is built in a space of your choice and its ready to go.


The Stiltz Trio lift is popular because of its flexibility. Its modular design means it can pass easily under low doorways or ceilings. Its compact footprint means it is spacious but does not waste space and or eat into the layout of the room.