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The home elevator which becomes part of your home

Stiltz Home Elevators Canada offer a range of unique and compact residential elevators which can be installed virtually anywhere in a Canadian home. From Toronto to Montreal and Winnipeg to Vancouver, Stiltz have been helping to make people’s lives across the country easier and more comfortable by providing them with a simple floor-to-floor accessibility solution.

The Stiltz Home Elevator is the only home lift of its kind to be available in Canada and the perfect alternative to a stairlift allowing you to keep the stairs in your property untouched. Our selection of residential elevators are also much more appealing than a conventional in-home elevator which can be costly and complicated to install.

At Stiltz, our innovative home elevators do not require hydraulics or need fixing to walls. The Stiltz in-home elevator is powered by a built-in drive system and plugs straight into a normal domestic power socket. Our home lifts travel on self-supporting vertical stilts making the elevators very flexible and quick to install with typical installation taking no more than one day. Make a Stiltz home lift become part of your home today. Contact us now for a free site survey.

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Stiltz beat the competition hands down by the home elevator’s small footprint, technical brilliance and elegant design.

Raymond, 69

Duo Home Elevator


The Stiltz Duo Home Elevator is the perfect alternative to a stairlift or conventional hydraulic home lift. Capable of taking two passengers up to one floor in under 30 seconds, the Duo Home Elevator offers freedom and flexibility that cannot be matched.

  • Perfect stairlift alternative
  • Small footprint of under 7sf
  • Carries two people
  • Clear body and Thru Car options

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Stiltz Trio Elevator


The Stiltz Trio Home Elevator is ideal for users who need a bigger home lift to accommodate a standard-sized wheelchair or walking frame. Larger than the Duo but still compact, the Trio Home Elevator allows you to live independently at home.

  • Big enough for a standard wheelchair
  • Small footprint of under 13½sf
  • Carries up to three people
  • Clear back Vista and Thru Car options

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Typical Home Elevator Applications

Standard Retrofit

Standard Retrofit

This is the most common Stiltz installation with the home lift travelling between a downstairs room such as a hallway or living room and arriving upstairs in a bedroom or landing.

Stairwell Void

Stairwell Void

There is enough room within a turning staircase for a Stiltz home lift to use the dead space in the void. This is a unique feature of the elevators because of its shape and small footprint.

Closet to Closet

Closet to Closet

Stiltz home lifts are spacious but compact enough that they can often be fitted in a closet on both floors. This application is ideal for customers looking to conceal their residential elevator.



Stiltz home elevators are capable of having a double entry or thru car configuration due to our unique dual rail system. This allows users to enter and exit from both sides of the home lift.

Sloped/Cathedral Ceiling

Sloped/Cathedral Ceiling

The rails of a Stiltz in-home elevator need a horizontal surface to fix to – some simple modifications will make it possible to install the the lift to a sloped or cathedral ceiling



Stiltz home elevators will allow you quick and safe access from a garage into your home. This application will require the construction of a simple shaft in the garage.

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It costs a lot of money to move house but buying a Stiltz home lift has meant we can stay in the home we love.

Paul, 47

My husband is in a wheelchair and Stiltz’s lift has given him his independence back and changed our lives

Anne, 46

It’s absolutely wonderful and the elevator lift is very quiet too. My wife couldn’t be without it now. We’re very satisfied.

Don, 80

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