Canada Day occurs on July 1 and is a national holiday held to mark the joining of Canada’s original three provinces (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and the Canada Province; now known as Ontario and Quebec) as one nation in 1867.

The holiday was formerly known as Dominion Day to represent the Dominion of Canada in the British Empire before it was renamed in 1982. Now Canadians all over the world celebrate what has become known as Canada’s birthday by gathering together and enjoying a range of festivities and celebrations to celebrate what makes this country great. So what happens where on this special date when Canadians are given a day off to mark the occasion?


They certainly know how to mark the occasion of Canada Day in the capital of the country and of course there will be plenty of events for all ages to enjoy. Huge celebrations take place across the region, these are just a few of the highlights if you are visiting with family here this year:

Parliament Hill – one of the highlights of the day in Ottawa are the fireworks on Parliament Hill as the 15 minute show beginning at 10pm and set to Canadian music is truly unforgettable

Majors Hill Park, this large green space hosts all manner of performances, musical, artistic and lots more besides.

Canadian Museum of History; Canada’s most visited museum will host indoor and outdoor entertainment as well as the usual world class exhibitions that are not to be missed.


As one of the oldest cities in North America with its European feel and rich history there is much to see and many iconic sites worth visiting in Quebec. Quebec celebrates its own national holiday on June 24, prior to Canada Day as for many Quebecians this feels more relevant. July 1st is commonly known as moving day in Quebec too, as this was traditionally the day when leases expired. Whilst not celebrated as fervently here as in other provinces, if you are in Quebec for Canada Day 2019 visit the battlefields park museum to learn more about one of the most important battles in North America, or Fort St Louis to enjoy free activities on Canada Day and get a piece of giant Canada cake at the Terrace Dufferin by the Frontenac Castle, a tasty sweet tradition.

For visitors to Quebec this July, The Museum of Civilisation is a must for all Canadians. If you do visit Quebec, remember it is the largest producer of Maple Syrup in the world so be sure to pick some up, after all it is the very essence of the Canadian flag!

Prince Edward Island

Although Canada’s smallest province, the beautiful rolling landscapes and pristine beaches as well as its rich history make the location a great place to visit in the spring or summer and especially to celebrate Canada’s birthday. Charlottetown, the province’s capital is the Birthplace of Confederation and is famed for putting on a range of events; live music and one of the largest firework displays in the country.


Speaking of fireworks, if you like a good display then Toronto is the place for you. Countless displays take place all across the city and are found at major parks such as Amesbury, Centennial Park and Ashbridges Bay Park. Or, take a cruise from the harbour to see them from the water. This year at the Harbourfront Centre there will be a four day festival to Celebrate Canada’s birthday and every musical artist performing will include a song from the Canadian songbook.


One of the best places to enjoy Canada Day is Canada Place in Vancouver. The area gets jam packed with crowds enjoying a waterfront party with music, film and food. Ten minutes walk from here is the iconic Canada Day parade and the evening fireworks take place at nearby Coal Harbour. Steveston Village in Richmond, a short drive from outside the city is a highlight well worth checking out. A historical site in its own right, the Salmon Festival held to coincide with Canada Day each year is great for adults and children alike. Canada Day in the area attracts up to 70,000 visitors all celebrating Canada in their own way, whether watching fireworks, taking a walk in the mountains, enjoying the scenery at the lakes or holding a beach picnic.

Wherever in the country you find yourself for Canada Day, be sure to indulge in fun times with family and friends, do what you love most and celebrate our great nation in style!