Always a significant holiday for proud Canadians, Canada Day celebrates the birth of Canada as an independent nation; when New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and the Canada Province came together as one nation.

This historical event was when Canada gained independence from Great Britain in 1867. Once known as Dominion Day, the day has been celebrated every year ever since on July 1.

Whether you plan a low-key gathering with family and friends or a larger celebration with rather more pageantry involved, here at Stiltz Home Elevators Canada we look at some ways to help you show your Canadian pride this year.

Dress Up

Of course, anything with a maple leaf is in order, or simply opt for an outfit that is entirely red and white.

Depending on what your day will entail, you could even involve face painting, imagine how thrilled the grandchildren would be to come over for a BBQ and find you in full maple leaf regalia with the opportunity to have their own faces painted too!

Coordinate with family and friends to wear matching or complementary outfits and take plenty of group photos to keep as memories.

Raise the flag

Canada Day is a great time to get patriotic and bedeck your porch in the Canadian flag, or if not your home, add the flag to your shoulders and make it part of your outfit too.

Why not take your flag along to wave at a Canada Day parade in your area, there are major ones happening across the country.

In the Capital region, there are lots of things taking place at Parliament Hill,

everything from Skyhawks jumps to bagpipe performances to enjoy.

In Ottawa, at LeBreton Flats Park, there will be family activities taking place all day and an evening show with Canadian Artists. If you are close enough to visit, it will be well worth it to enjoy the spectacle of the Royal Canadian Air Force Centennial fly past!

For those in Alberta the Canada Day Parade here is one of the most impressive, so the very best place to wave the flag and show your pride.

Host a Canada Day BBQ

Always one of those most enjoyable things to do, decorate your backyard in red and white and invite friends, family and neighbors over for a cookout.

Try to make as much of the food as possible Canadian themed. You could even add a bit of extra fun and flavor to the event by arranging a potluck and encouraging your guests to each bring along a dish from one of the different provinces.

Poutine, Baklava and the ever-popular beaver tails (deep-fried bread dough with cinnamon and chili) are absolute must-haves.

Support local events

Most major cities and many small towns too will have things going on to mark the occasion, so help to keep the local traditions, bands and organisations going which make the effort to put on something special and arrange to go along and support these with family or neighbours.

Seek out the parades, outdoor concerts and firework displays you can access and immerse yourself in the celebratory mood. Since 2013, Canada Day has also meant the start of History Week, so citizens are encouraged to learn more about the nation, look out for special events at museums and monuments.

Modern Canada Day Celebrations should celebrate unity, diversity and the beauty of this vast land. So, whatever you choose to do to mark the occasion this year, fire up the grill and let the festivities begin, or get out into nature and admire all that Canada has to offer.