Valentine’s Day is almost upon us so here at Stiltz Home Elevators we look at five things our customers who have installed a home lift most LOVE about getting an elevator in their home.

As safe as it gets!

Certainly, when choosing a product designed to aid mobility, for use by vulnerable customers, safety is paramount. At Stiltz Home Elevators we have designed our range of residential elevators to put safety first.

Our home lifts use state-of-the-art technology to ensure they are entirely safe and give homeowners total peace of mind. Sensors are placed to ensure the elevators work as safely as possible such that the lift will stop if not operating as it should.

Similarly, if weight is exceeded or balance affected the unit will simply not operate.

Since Stiltz residential elevators work by travelling through an aperture cut into the floor, the safety plug is a crucial feature. This is what ‘plugs’ the space in the floor when the in-home elevator is in the downstairs position, the lid here is, of course, made strong enough to stand on.

These covers top and bottom also detect anything that may cause an obstruction and will stop if necessary. All the elevators also feature hold to run controls, a patented fall arrest mechanism and an emergency stop button.

Stylish aesthetics and versatility

One thing that may surprise you when you see one of our modern in-home elevators is just how beautiful they are. All Stiltz lifts have a sleek, elegant design to provide a feeling of light and space whether you select the smallest or largest available. They are far from the unsightly, cumbersome domestic elevators of years gone by. You can even customise your elevator by choosing bespoke colours and finishes for the car, rails and interiors.

The lifts have a small footprint and are so versatile that one could be installed behind a cupboard door if you would like it to be as discreet as possible, or instead are more than worthy of taking centre stage in the staircase void.

Stiltz can advise you on exactly where your residential elevator can be installed – all you need is a space around the size of a linen closet. Thanks to the product’s self-supporting design the lifts need no load bearing wall or separate machine room so can go virtually anywhere you choose.

Helpful in so many ways

Many residential elevator customers are people who have begun to find the stairs difficult. This could be due to becoming older and the onset of conditions affecting mobility, or people recovering from serious illness, those suffering from vertigo and recurrent dizziness or having been affected by an accident.

Once stairs become a challenge, being unable to fully use all the space in your home is a very difficult prospect. Installing a home lift fully reopens your home to be used as intended.

Furthermore, much like many existing customers you will find your elevator useful for so many more things. Getting laundry up and down between floors, helping get young children up to bed, putting seasonal décor or leisure equipment away and an awful lot besides.

Unobtrusive and quiet

You do not need a separate engine room, a pit or even load bearing walls to make a home elevator an option in your home. Stiltz home lifts are entirely self-supporting with their own set of rails or ‘stilts’ to run on.

Whether you would like to site it in the staircase void, where it can take pride of place, or tuck it into a corner to run from the living room to the master bedroom it’s not a problem.

With any Stiltz Home Elevator the motor is discreetly installed in the roof of the lift with which makes them whisper quiet to use too, they will not disturb others, or bother you.

The simplicity of installation

For a standard retrofit, the professional installation team can prepare the area and build and install your new Stiltz elevator in just two days with minimal disruption.

Thanks to the smart, modular design of all units in the range, it can be brought into the home with ease and all that is required is the creation of an opening in the ceiling for the elevator to glide through when in motion.

The installation team will fit your chosen flooring to the top of the elevator so it can blend in beautifully. This straightforward process is one of the things that hugely appealed to Stiltz Canada customers.