For a homeowner, a house is not just somewhere to live, it is also a large investment, and one that is very worth protecting. Making changes to the home can be costly as well as a lot of disruption so it is important that any adaptations are ones that will not only enhance your lifestyle, but also add value to your home.

  1. Convert your basement or cellar

A very popular value-adding conversion is to make the most of the space underneath the house, either the cellar or basement. Sometimes this space needs extra damp-proofing to make it usable as a room, and may need window lights or clever electric lighting schemes to make it feel welcoming. There is no end to the possibilities for what the space can be used for: a guest suite, games room, family snug, or even a fitness room with gym equipment and perhaps a sauna or steam room.

  1. Add another bedroom

One of the best sure-fire ways to add value to the home is to increase the number of bedrooms, and most often this is achieved by using the loft space. Depending on the style of house and the amount of room available in the loft, often there is room for an impressive master-suite with dressing room and en-suite bathroom. Although the sloping ceilings can be difficult to work with, with expert advice the space can be used to maximum effect and can result in something quite special.

  1. Create curb appeal 

Realtors have been saying it for decades, but when it comes to property value first impressions really do count. Tidying up the outside of your home to make it look like a well-kept and good-looking property can really boost its market value. Pay attention to anything broken, messy or untidy which might suggest the property is not well looked after. Keep paintwork fresh, and make sure the roof is free from moss. Trim hedges and keep the grass neat and green, and your property’s value will feel the benefit.

  1. Add a home elevator

Not all value-adding improvements have to be run of the mill. Certain, well-chosen additions to the home have been shown to add value. The home elevator for example, when expertly fitted can add value to the home as many people are looking for homes that have futureproofing solutions built in. A residential elevator can add a wow-factor that is both impressive as well as practical. The same is not true for all additions to the home however, with Jacuzzis and wine cellars being shown to not add value to a property.

  1. Go open plan

The trend for open-plan living is still going strong, and many homeowners are finding that by taking out walls and creating flexible living spaces they are not only increasing the feeling of light and space in their home, but they are also adding to the value of their home. This should be done with caution however, as it is useful to have some spaces in the home which are kept separate and private, so it is best to seek the help of an expert before embarking on an open plan project.