Every New Year is an opportunity for a fresh start where we can all look back over what worked well last year and where we want to make changes. Try these five strategies to get the best from 2020 and make it a positive and happy year ahead:

Set a goal
We might not need a long list of resolutions, typically, these are sometimes hard not to break! We can get carried away at all the things we could do with improving, try to tackle too much at once and not succeed with any of them. However, without any plan at all it is hard to know the direction to go on, so consider setting one main target or priority for your year ahead.

Get organized
Most of us find ourselves with the urge to undertake a bit of a clear out after the holidays, whether you want to go down the whole Kon Mari route and live a clutter-free life, or you just want to spend less time looking for things you put in a ‘safe place’. Think about which areas could do with organizing and make a sensible list of projects for the coming months. Be realistic about how much time you have and then cross the jobs off as you do them. Having done so, the sense of accomplishment, not to mention the ease of locating things or the extra space, can be very rewarding!

Keep your body and mind healthy
Here is one way we can all benefit from after the holiday season. If you are new to exercise or have mobility issues, you should incorporate simple movements slowly. Start with gentle, low-impact exercises such as walking. As you get stronger, you can add other activities. Try to improve any poor eating habits and try any healthier alternatives, you may be surprised by the simple switches you can make. Mindfulness is a great thing to try too.

Seek enjoyment
Look for opportunities to enjoy life and do not let them pass you by. Whether it is planning a vacation with family, or making a fun bucket list of things to do or see or restaurants to try within your own community, get going on the planning. The things most local to us that we fancy trying or visiting so often get overlooked, so get started this month!

Make sure you’re moving forward
Experts on mental well-being tell us that happiness comes from looking forward and living our best life now. We are encouraged to look for the positives and the opportunities and seek ways to build on these in 2020. If you feel you need support, take the first steps to get this, if something in your home needs tackling for you to be happier, look at how you can take action. If your home needs to be easier for you to get around and a residential elevators could be the solution, let 2020 be the year you tackle this too! Its one of those things our customers at Stiltz Home Elevators always feel positive about and wish they had sorted out sooner!