Christmas is an incredibly magical time, from twinkling lights to carol concerts, but its busyness can be excessive. If you feel tired of keeping up with the holiday hustle and want a calm season filled with more memories and less overwhelm, follow five steps from the Stiltz Home Elevators Canada team to a slow and simple Christmas.

Perfect the Art of Perfect Gift Giving

With so much on offer, from Black Friday to pre-Christmas sales, the world of retail is desperate to sell, sell, sell and it is so easy to get caught up in the riptide, so this year, simplify your gift giving to four simple rules: something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. Try to shop small and support local businesses where you can.

Enjoy Simple Savings

There are many ways to keep the cost down this festive season from keeping the lids on pans whilst cooking (to use 10 per cent less energy) to turning down the heating by a degree or two whilst the house is full of family and friends.

Bring out the board games or go for a crisp Christmas walk instead of having the usual holidays TV schedule, and remember to switch off appliances at the plug when you go to bed or head out for your walk to save even more!

Replace items which use more energy, such as your incandescent bulbs and Christmas string lights with LED versions which produce more light, last 15 times longer and are up to 90% more efficient.

Finally, get the home ready for your visitors, and save yourself money too by adding some inexpensive weather stripping, purchasing some draught excluders for the doors.

Slow Cooking for A Slower Christmas

The slow cooker is the chef’s perfect aid at Christmas.  Whether you want to warm the mulled wine, create the perfect dish of brussels sprouts, or cook your turkey crown, this kitchen appliance can do it all.  It will not only take away the potential.

stress often felt in the kitchen on Christmas day, it will also save you money on your festive energy bill. Once the slow cooker is loaded, just turn it on and walk away.

Stay Put, Slow Down and Be Present

Whilst it is common to travel around to see friends and family at Christmas, with so many festive celebrations going on throughout the month, why not stay local and enjoy your hometown? The Christmas parades are legendary in Canada with the Toronto Santa Claus Parade bringing joy to families for over 100 years!

Check your local listings for what to expect in your own town in the coming weeks from Light Walks to festive events, and Christmas markets.  And the best bit about staying local is getting home, making a hot drink and snuggling up on your own couch with a good book.

Simply Enjoy Time Together

This year, do not worry about being the perfect host, creating the most spectacular table setting or buying the best gifts: simply enjoy time with loved ones.

Book in a cookie baking party or get everyone round for a gingerbread house building competition.

Pop on the festive music, get someone to dress up as Santa, and enjoy the most peaceful and relaxing Christmas yet!