Is 2020 going to be a year for showing your home a bit of love? There are always little jobs that need to be done around the home, so it is easy to get used to things just as they are. However, even when you love your home, there are still small renovation projects to be considered that could make you love it all the more. Consider upgrading your property in 2020 with one or two of these ideas to give your home a new lease of life.

Freshen Up Your Flooring

Worn out floors can really drag a property down and it is easy to get so used to them that we do not notice the overall effect until the floor coverings are changed when it is suddenly easy to see a big improvement. If your hardwood has seen better days, hire a professional and have it refinished. Or, if you have a confident DIY enthusiast among friends or family, it could be tackled by renting a floor sander and then re-varnishing. Once this is done, make it feel homely again by adding or updating your rugs too and you will be impressed at what a difference this makes to your space.
If you have carpet that is not too worn, have it professionally steam cleaned throughout, this can really bring up the pile and give it a new lease of life, as well as reducing any allergy risks.

Energy Saving Impacts

If you still have an old heating system, consider bringing it bang up to date and getting more bang for your buck at the same time and invest in a high energy furnace. An Energy Star certified high efficiency forced air furnace can reduce heating costs by around $400 per year.
Government incentives can also take a portion out of the initial investment, so depending on your circumstances your replacement could pay for itself in the next few years. Then, the furnace in your home will be appealing for at least the next 20-30 years. Similarly, one project that is a real must have is efficient attic insulation. Our houses lose the most heat through the roof so this has a huge impact on energy savings as well as home value. If you are feeling the cold this winter and wondering if your home is not quite as well insulated as it could be, get this one tackled as soon as possible and you are sure to feel the benefits.

Give Your Landscaping a Lift
With winter upon us it is easy to let our nesting instinct take over and focus purely on our interiors and what needs to be tackled in the coming year. However, before we know it, the first signs of spring will be here and we will want to take the chance to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. So now is the time to think about what you would like your yard to look like when you are enjoying the outdoors with family and friends in 2020.
Enhanced outdoor spaces rank at the top of many a home buyer’s wish list too, so be sure to check that any decking is in good condition. Harsh winters can take their toll as the years go by. If you decide to replace your home’s deck, that will be a great target for you to realize in 2020. Furthermore, well-designed decks are always an impressive feature and if you choose to replace your old style timber decking with a new composite one, requiring far less maintenance, you could expect to recoup 65 percent of the money you spend on it, should you sell your property.

Remodel Your Basement

Not all types of home remodels can offer you a return on investment, though one that seems to really do the trick is improving the amount of living space your home offers. Basement remodels have been increasingly popular over the last couple of years and are one of the most appealing remodels for potential buyers. For some, a basement refresh has meant turning the once unloved space into more of a recreational retreat, such as a home entertainment area or cinema. For others, the space has even been converted into a separate annex that can generate income as a rental.

Install a Home Elevator

If you have already made the most of all the floors in your home and plan to use all the floors yourself, the next thing to consider tackling is making sure you can access them easily. Consider introducing a home lift in your property to make traveling between the floors, quick and easy, especially if you are among the many Canadians who plan to stay in your home throughout your senior years, a trend known as ‘aging in place’. Thanks to this, demand for accessible homes is on the rise. Far from being an unsightly or noisy intrusion, contemporary Stiltz residential elevators are self-supporting, require no load bearing walls to be installed against and can take up very little space, with a bespoke design to suit the décor of your home.
If you have difficulties with mobility as you age you will already have guarded against the need to consider a move elsewhere or having to install an old-fasiohioned stair lift. In the meantime, you will wonder how you ever managed without a home elevator when it comes to enjoying a revamped basement or simply dealing with the luggage or laundry.