It stands to reason that introducing a new feature like a home elevator to your residence will make it easier for everyone that lives there to move between floors. Whether it became a necessity for reasons of mobility or to make senior living a little more straightforward, simply being able to step inside from your living room or ground floor hallway, push a button and step out in your bedroom is reassuringly practical.

However, at Stiltz Home Elevators, we know from our years of experience installing residential elevators in homes around the world, that many of our customers have found additional benefits they had not even thought of. For many, these are little things, but certainly they can add up to a whole lot more comfort and enjoyment in one’s home and after all, that is what most people are looking to bring to their property. Installing one of our wide range of Stiltz residential elevators can make homeowners fall in love with their home all over again.


Now that we are once more able to take trips, see the world or visit far away family and friends, it may be time to haul the luggage set from the basement or attic and pack it for your next adventure. Having a home elevator can take the luggage quickly and easily from the bedroom, to the ground floor of the home without any hassle.

Sports equipment and holiday décor

For many Stiltz customers, their home lift is a feature intended simply to make getting around their much-loved home a little easier and quicker, whilst providing them with a great feature that can add value to their home and future-proof it for many years to come. These clients may have in their household keen skiers, golfers, hockey players and more. What a difference it makes then, when a residential elevator makes it so easy to ensure any sports equipment can go easily to where it is needed.


There are also the all-too-regular tasks of running the home to stay on top of, whether it is gathering up all the laundry and getting it all to the washer or vacuuming the house. A home elevator can make these tasks much more easier by simply popping the full laundry basket into the lift to get it up the stairs.

Children and pets

We have heard from many a happy grandparent who love to have the family come and stay but no longer need to struggle to get young children up to bed whilst navigating the stairs. Such experiences are precious for both grandparent and infant, and a installation of a residential elevator helps make this happen with ease. Even the bigger kids and their parents enjoy the novelty of gliding smoothly from floor to floor at the touch of a button!

Finally, we cannot forget the family pet, they are part of the family after all, and it is sad when the much-loved yellow lab of the household is no longer able to attempt the stairs to sleep in his master’s bedroom. But with a home elevator, even pets benefit from this and can stay close to the family upstairs all night.