The Stiltz Trio Home Elevator is a wheelchair lift where function and practicality meet style and cutting-edge design. If you are one of the many Canadians who need a little help getting around the upstairs of your home or suffer with mobility issues requiring the use of a wheelchair or walker, the Trio could be the ideal choice for you.

This popular option comfortably accommodates a standard wheelchair and can take you from floor to floor in less than 30 seconds, giving you unrestricted access to all areas of your home, with complete independence.

Design & Aesthetics

Like all our home lifts, the Trio is a stylish, light filled, contemporary residential elevator completely suited to wheelchair users but also ideal for anyone who just prefers a little extra space. The lift is as beautiful as it is practical with its ergonomic design featuring a soft grey contemporary finish and a complementary interior with soft LED downlights.

When stationery on the upper floor, the lift is such that it virtually disappears, with just the two slim rails to be seen on the lower floor. When downstairs, a small section of your upper flooring, which is fitted to the ‘lid’ of the lift, ensures that the upstairs view is uninterrupted.

Once within your home, the elevator is intended to be both a revolutionary and beautifully discreet introduction, though you may well choose to make it a feature that is awarded pride of place! 

Safety Features

Like all Stiltz home elevators, the Trio features a wealth of safety features to give you complete peace of mind. The ‘light curtain’ is a light beam driven feature present as standard that ensures nothing is obstructing the closure of the lift, since if this is crossed the lift will simply not operate. This ensures that no clothing or anything else can be caught in the entrance to the lift.

The safety pans on the top and bottom of the lift car have multiple microswitches, all of which detect contact with immovable objects, ensuring

that the lift stops completely should anything be on top of the lift car lid upstairs, or in its path as it descends to the lower floor.

The hoist at the top of the lift cabin is where most of the safety features reside. The drum here has automatic fall arrest detection, such that if the lift were to suddenly accelerate a brake would apply and bring the lift to a safe and gradual stop. Sensors here also monitor the balance of the lift before operation to ensure it is not imbalanced or overloaded.

The lift has a push to go switch so it is only moving when you are ready and in the event of a power failure it will smoothly return to the lower level until the power returns. Finally, the lift car doors auto lock while the lift is in use and only unlock once the lift has safely reached a standstill.

Technical Specifications

There are three models of the Stiltz Trio available to suit all individual requirements: the Stiltz Trio Classic, the Stiltz Trio Vista and the Stiltz Trio Thru-Car.

The ‘Classic’ is a larger and heavier version of the Duo Classic, which accommodates a standard wheelchair and is ideal for clients with walkers.

The Vista is as per the Classic, but featuring a clear back to allow more light in.

The ‘Thru-Car’ is a hugely popular choice, allowing you to benefit from the double entry or thru-car feature, which of course is important for wheelchair users.

Energy Efficiency

Less energy consumption means fewer carbon emissions and a smaller contribution to climate change. Additionally, choosing a high-efficiency home mobility solution is an investment in long-term sustainability.

The Trio plugs into a standard domestic wall socket, so far from guzzling energy it uses no more energy per trip than a typical home appliance such as a coffee machine.

It then uses its ‘easy glide’ rails, built-in drive technology and mains powered operation, rather than clunky hydraulics, so when in use the lift is virtually silent.

Installation Process

As well as being popular for its simple but beautiful design, the Trio can be fully installed and up and running in as little as one day, ensuring minimal disruption to the homeowner. The lift itself is built and shipped in modules, so it is no problem in terms of access whatever the style and format of your home and due to its flexible design, it can be installed almost anywhere you choose in your residence.

Typically, the home elevator travels from the main living space to the upstairs bedroom, closet to closet or entrance hallway to landing. The footprint of the lift is such that whether you tuck it away in a corner of the home or want to make it pride of place, you may be surprised at the options you have as to where to locate it!

Stiltz Home Elevators has a national team of Authorized Dealers dotted around Canada, which makes it easy to arrange a visit to your home and provide a free, no-obligation quotation.