When spring is in the air, it is a strange human instinct to want to refresh the home. But rather than just a simple spring clean this year, why not go a bit further and make a few changes to rejuvenate your home?

Seniors have often lived in their homes for a few decades, through changing lifestyles like parenting and working lives into retirement, but the home sometimes has not been altered to mirror this. Here Stiltz Home Elevators, takes a look at changes homeowners can make this spring to give your house the refresh it needs to be the best home it can be.

A new perspective

To start, try an exercise where you come into your house and view it as a visitor might. With fresh eyes, enter through the front door and scan each room from an objective point of view. Weigh up the benefits of each room, the natural light available, the position of the furniture, even the purpose of the room. Are there wasted areas, rooms that are not used as much as they could be? Think about changing the use of a room, or even swapping rooms over. If a large light-filled dining room is hardly ever used, but the darker family room is the main hub of the house, why not switch them over so you can make the most of the house’s features.

Changing things around in your home can not only give the home a fresh feel but can give you a new outlook too.

Gain easy access

As we grow older, it is true that our own homes can become less accessible. The stairs can become off-putting, and small low cupboards can be difficult to get to. Making changes to the access points around the home can open up our living space, and refresh the way we use and move around our homes.

Installing state of the art equipment such as automatic garage doors can give back out-of-reach areas. Likewise, the addition of home elevator in a property can mean that a homeowner has complete access to all floors of a home, as well as improving the flow. By making small changes, a home can once again reach its full potential for a homeowner.

A good clear out

 If you are going to enjoy the benefits of ‘in with the new,’ then you have to make sure that it is ‘out with the old’ first. Revisit storage and cupboards, you may not have looked in for some time. Do you really need what’s in there? If not, give it to charity or even sell it online to make money as well as space. Once your closets are clearer you can make new homes for the things you need but do not necessarily want on display. It can be quite emotional saying goodbye to old belongings, so aim to only do one cupboard at a time, and try to focus on how much better your home will feel once it is clutter-free.

Pay attention to the senses

When we talk of a home ‘refresh’ it’s natural to jump to paint colours and wallpaper samples. Although redecoration is one of the main ways to rejuvenate your home, pay attention to all your senses. Sometimes adding a new fragrance to a hallway diffuser can give you a fresh feeling as you catch the scent, or changing the pillow spray in the bedroom can give you a better nights’ sleep. Consider adding some wireless speakers around the home to give wall-to-wall surround-sound for your favourite music. Also think about lighting. Adding a table lamp into a dark corner, or creating layers of lighting in a cosy room can completely transform a space without even picking up a paintbrush.