The home tends to be the most important place in our lives, a location that signifies refuge and safety. It provides us with comfort, entertainment and a sense of stability and belonging. In our home we decide how we want to live and choose our environment accordingly to reflect our tastes and style. However, over time our interests, needs or circumstances can change, and the home may lose some of the sense of comfort and indeed happiness, that we once felt.

At Stiltz Home Elevators, we understand the impact that being happy and content in their own home has on our customers, Indeed we have seen first hand the change in this that something as simple as installing one of our residential elevators can have on well-being.


Giving back the sense of independence and freedom of movement to a customer who has been without this and instead reliant on others for some time; be that due to age, illness or injury is truly life enhancing. A Stiltz Home Elevator can help provide this by enabling the user to move around the upstairs of their property whenever, and whatever time of the day, they wish.


The term future-proofing has become one that is gained popularity in recent years as more homeowners look to age in place. There is is a lot to be said for knowing that your home can continue to suit you as you age. That it can cater for your needs, ensure you remain comfortable and allow you to avoid future upheaval. Having a home lift installed is one of the main ways homeowners across the glove have ensured their house can take them from happy years of raising families to enjoying their retirements without needing to relocate.


Being able to move around your home freely and independently can make a positive impact on an individual’s wellbeing. Knowing they can stay put in the home they love – close to family and a community that are active – means they do not need to feel anxious about the future. That is why our residential elevators continue to help our customers enjoy all the other aspects of their lives that help enhance mental wellbeing.