Installing a residential elevator is an investment in your home, making it work for you all year round. Here the Stiltz Home Elevators team in Canada look at the benefits of having a home lift to help you to navigate the different seasons comfortably with ease. A lift helps you to manage your home through the different seasons and the different demands the different weather fronts put on you and your home that you need to prepare for. A residential lift helps you to make the most of the seasons and enjoy your home all year round.


As the weather improves, the days get longer, and the evenings are lighter you will be looking to prepare your home for summer. As you de-clutter you house from winter, a home elevator helps to make transporting things around the home easier and more comfortable. As you dust the cobwebs and do a deep clean of your house, being able to transport the vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket in the lift makes it easier to spring clean your home. A bright, clean, and airy spring cleaned home makes you feel better, improves your mood, and gets you ready for summer.


With the arrival of summer, you want to get out and enjoy the good weather. Soak up the summer rays and get some Vitamin D. However, the heat can be draining and make climbing the stairs hot and uncomfortable. When you have a home lift, you can avoid the discomfort of climbing the stairs in hot weather by taking the lift, helping you to enjoy the heat rather than feel overwhelmed. Summer is a great time for visits from the family or going to visit family. A residential elevator from Stiltz makes it easy and safe to move heavy luggage around the house, reducing the risk of falls or injury. An elevator in the home can make you feel that visiting or receiving guests is easier and less stressful encouraging you to be more sociable, which is great for your mental and physical wellbeing.


The nights are getting darker, and the days are getting cooler. The leaves are turning bright orange, crimson, and chestnut, and are starting to drop. As the

leaf peeping season arrives, thoughts turn to preparing the house for winter nights. The blankets come down and the decorations come out for Halloween. A home elevator makes it easier to unpack for winter. You can prepare your home for a thanksgiving feast, happily inviting all the family to enjoy their company. Do not worry about getting too full as a home elevator makes getting upstairs comfortable so you can indulge – it is only once a year!


As the cold and snowy season arrives, you will be staying in a lot more keeping warm in your home. An elevator helps to make the home comfortable, especially if the cold is getting into your joints as you will still be able to move around your home with comfort and ease. A home lift helps you to bring all the Christmas decorations out and put them all over your home so you can celebrate yuletide in style. The great thing about a Stiltz home elevator is that they are energy efficient, requiring only a standard plug socket for power to run so you will not be worrying about energy usage.

Residential elevators are a great investment to future-proof your home so that you can stay in it safely and comfortably for longer, making the most out of the seasons. Live your life in your home to the fullest and do not let the seasons hold you back.