How you move around and enjoy your home entirely depends on your level of mobility.

Mobility can affect all of us and can be influenced by many factors such as recovery from a medical procedure, retirement, disability, loss of muscle strength, walking with support sticks or suffering with severe asthma.

People’s lives can be completely transformed when they move from the restriction of spending most of their time in one room or one part of the house, to having access to every part of their home.

At Stiltz Home Elevators Canada, we have seen time and time again how installing a home lift can dramatically increase quality of life – allowing homeowners affected by a reduction in mobility, to travel upstairs with a loved one, enter and exit with a wheelchair or move to any part of their home independently when they need to.

Extra Time

When you have reduced mobility, you may find yourself allowing extra time to get from one part of the home to another. A Stiltz residential elevator can be called down to your level with a handy remote control and once in motion, travels between floors smoothly in under 30 seconds.

With no time wasted climbing on and strapping in, as you might do with a stair lift, you can enter your lift at floor level, with no obstacles or hazards to navigate, for maximum safety, comfort, speed and convenience.

Increased Range 

You may find with reduced mobility that you cannot move as far without having to stop or sit. The Stiltz Home Elevator not only offers a pleasant way to travel around the home, but you can also add optional grab rails or a seat, should you feel more secure with a place to hold or to sit.

Using your lift to transport heavy loads such as laundry or large items is also ideal and means taking everything up in one go rather than small trips. You do not even have to be in the lift to set it to climb a level with a load on board, to a companion waiting upstairs.

Whether you decide to have your lift in your living area, a cupboard in your entrance hall or somewhere else, the small footprint of the Stiltz residential elevator opens up many possibilities for where it can be located and where it can take you to.

Take your wheelchair with you 

If you are wheelchair user you may be used to having a spare upstairs, but with the Stiltz Trio home lift you can enter and exit the lift in your wheelchair, meaning never having to change chairs again.

The Stiltz Trio Home Elevator has been designed to fit a standard-sized wheelchair and can also accommodate a walker or rollator. The Trio is deeper and wider than the Stiltz Duo Home Elevator and the Stiltz Trio ThruCar – allows users to enter and exit from both sides of the lift – meaning no awkward reversing when you reach your destination.


Having a residential elevator does not mean sacrificing on design or style. Our range of Stiltz home elevators are ergonomic and stylish. Our range of Stiltz elevators are powered by self-contained engine stored discreetly inside the roof of the elevator.

Both the Stiltz Duo and Trio elevators include a stunning powder coated cream finish, while the Duo Alta and Trio Alta have a stylish soft grey matte finish. Customers can also style the colour of their lift, the carpets and rails to suit their own taste or home colour scheme. We also offer a range of different handrails and seats.


With a Stiltz home elevator you can choose exactly how your lift works around your home.

Tuck your lift away behind a cupboard or in a corner or have it in almost any space of your choosing. The home lift requires no load bearing wall or engine room and sits on its own self-supporting rails making it very versatile.


Our home lifts have enough space for you travel with a companion or a beloved pet meaning you can continue the conversation through to a new floor of the house and keep company. Some people struggle with isolation when confined to a single floor of their house and become separated from loved ones. A home elevator allows everyone to be together.