How Much Does A Home Elevator Cost?

The average cost of installing a home elevator into your Canadian home, ranges from $25,000 to $45,000.

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In order to provide you with an accurate cost of a home elevator in 2023, at Stiltz Home Elevators Canada we will always arrange a convenient time to visit your home and carry out a free site survey.

House lifts cost

What does a home elevator cost? This is a frequently asked question because home lift prices vary based on the model and the application. There does not tend to be a home elevators price list as it depends on a number of factors such as which lift is chosen, how complex is the installation and are any extras added. The residential elevator cost that you will be quoted by team will include tax, permits, shipping, and installation fees.

How much does a home elevator cost? And what are the five factors that may determine home elevator prices.

1) Cost of a home elevator can increase with customization: There are many ways to customize residential elevators, from adding a seat, to a bespoke handrail or even choosing a colour for the flooring to suit your home decor. This will increase your home elevator price.

2) Cost of a home lift if you live in an older house: If your residential elevator is being fitted into an older house, it tends to require more work and, therefore, so more additional budget may need to be set aside. Our friendly team will work through this with you during your free site survey and advise of an accurate cost of installing a residential elevator in your house.

3) In home elevator cost can increase with size: If you require a bigger home elevator to accommodate more passengers or if your home is multi-storey, then this will be a bigger investment than the cost of retrofitting a standard home elevator.

4) Cost of residential elevators if architectural work is required: It does not often happen as our home lifts are self-supporting on their own stilts and can be placed almost anywhere in the home, however should you require any structural or building work to accompany your residential elevator installation, we will itemize that for you in your site visit report so you can see what the additional costs are.

5) house elevator cost for wheelchair use: Stiltz Home Elevators Canada is delighted to be able to offer the Trio Home Elevator which accommodates a standard sized wheelchair. It also offers a variation called ‘thru car’ which allows the wheelchair user to enter and exit the home lift from both sides meaning no more awkward manoeuvres.

What is the least expensive type of home elevator?

Home lift prices hugely vary but unlike a hydraulic, traction or vacuum lift, the non-hydraulic Stiltz Home Elevator is much more affordable. The Stiltz Duo Home Elevator is the smallest model. It is a through the floor residential elevator which by design is less expensive than a traditional home elevator because it supports itself and needs no engine room or hoist. It is naturally very quiet as its engine is tucked away in the roof and it is very smooth as it glides along its own rails.

The Stiltz Home Elevator is ideal if you want to leave your room with more usable space as it has a small footprint. The roof on our range of residential elevators can be coated with the flooring from upstairs so when stationary downstairs it flows seamlessly with the design of your room.

A Stiltz residential elevator is called by remote control, meaning you can press for it whenever you need it. It also comes with ceiling and floor LED lighting as standard allowing it to be comfortably used at night. The Stiltz home elevator cost output can be seen as an investment as it future-proofs your home and provides your whole family with access all areas, forever.

Is a home elevator a good investment?

Purchasing a home elevator with a Stiltz home elevator saves you money and adds value to your home. With benefits like these, as well as the promise of safe and reliable accessibility, buying a home elevator is always an excellent investment!

What is the cost of a home elevator in my area?

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Customer Feedback on Stiltz Lift cost

“We would definitely recommend Stiltz to others. In terms of the equipment, the integrity, the support behind it, the simple installation, and the whole process was very straight forward. We convey these things regularly to our friends and relatives.” – Mr Ricker.

Our favorite thing about our Stiltz Lift is that after a while you don’t even know it’s there. It becomes part of the home and everyone who comes in is initially intrigued and want to try it, but then they forget it’s here. We would definitely recommend it to anyone. There’s no looking back for us now. We use the lift all the time. We couldn’t live without it now!”  – Mr & Mrs Lavdar

The installation wasn’t at all disruptive and was installed quickly. I would without a doubt recommend Stiltz to anyone. Compared to everything else we researched the Stiltz Home Elevator was fantastic value for money and has changed our lives forever.” – Mrs Ojeda