The forthcoming Coronation of King Charles III on May 6 will be celebrated across the globe. Of course, here in Canada it also means the official recognition of the first new Head of State and Monarch in seven decades, following the passing of the late Queen Elizabeth II last year.

In Canada, whilst we are now an independent nation, we maintain our links to the Commonwealth as the largest of the 56 countries within it, and communities in many areas will come together and be encouraged to highlight themes that have been recognised as important to King Charles III. These themes include service, the environment and sustainability and the diversity of our nation.

You may well find that there is one of a host of national initiatives taking place near you too on a local level. All kinds of smaller events are likely to take place amongst Canadians who want to mark such a milestone event by celebrating the long-held ties between His Majesty and Canada. Canadians will not receive an official holiday to mark the occasion but perhaps you and your family want to mark this significant event in our history too.

Attend an event

King Charles III’s Coronation will take place at Westminster Abbey, in London on May 6 where he will be officially crowned King alongside Camilla, currently known as ‘Queen Consort’ who will herself be recognised as Queen Camilla after the Coronation. The UK will celebrate this with a huge sense of pomp and ceremony with a range of public events, both epic and smaller community processions, a religious service, a star-studded Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle and an additional day of holiday.

The Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, recently announced that a ceremony will be held in Ottawa to acknowledge the relationship His Majesty King Charles has had with Canada for over 50 years and celebrate his reign as King of Canada. Canadians will

also be able to take part in activities organized at Rideau Hall, visiting the Residence of the Governor General and learn more about the Canadian Crown.

There are many events planned in provinces across Canada too; in a nod to the many British Street Parties that will take place across the UK over this historic weekend, many Canadians are likely to attend picnic or garden party events such as that planned in Nova Scotia. Here there will be a garden party along with a flag-raising ceremony and the unveiling of the King’s portrait. Check out what is going on in your province for something a little different to do.

A weekend get-together

Perhaps you would like to follow the Brits’ example and get together with friends or neighbours to mark the occasion and share your memories of previous royal events, celebrating the close links between Canada and the UK. You could find somewhere with a public screening to attend, or royal celebrations and mark the occasion with other enthusiasts.

Cook Up a feast

What better reason is there to eat like a King? Have a dinner party or a cookout, whether you want to serve a British inspired menu or the best poutine in your province, eat well and spend time in good company. Whether you choose to watch the televised Coronation at all, or simply revel with loved ones in is up to you!


The UK has urged Brits to spend the extra day of public holiday they have been awarded for the Coronation not just recovering from big weekend events and partying, but volunteering for good causes in a special initiative launched just for the occasion. The Palace have said they are keen to have everyone join work undertaken by community groups to support their local areas. Perhaps there any volunteering projects you know of that could use this as a bit of gentle encouragement to get some extra help on board, perhaps you could make a Coronation linked event out of it!