Duo Vista Elevator Lift Case Study, Toronto, Canada

After three knee replacement operations, Peter Krysmanski was looking to find a suitable in-home mobility solution which would allow him total and unrestricted access to every part of his home.

At the same time, Mr Krysmanski, from Toronto, also required a product that would enable him to ‘future-proof’ his home for all eventualities.

He had already decided that he did not want a traditional stair lift as, although a friend had said one might benefit him, it was ‘not his style’. Mr Krysmanski was not initially familiar with the concept of residential elevators until he carried out some internet research.

However, he discovered that a conventional hydraulic elevator was impractical for his needs due to the lengthy installation process and complex construction process. “I had checked out conventional elevators but was advised it would take up to five weeks to construct an elevator shaft, the footprint would take up too much space and the lift also required a separate pump room,” said Mr Krysmanski. “I then came across the Stiltz Home Lifts website with a picture of a lady in her living room with the Stiltz Home Elevator next to her fireplace. I thought Eureka, that’s what I’m gonna get!”

The simplicity of the Stiltz Home Elevators range was immediately appealing. Unlike a clunky hydraulic home elevator, the Stiltz Home Elevator was flexible, versatile and could be installed within one day. Powered by a quiet electric self-contained motor located discreetly in the lid of the elevator lift, the Stiltz Home Elevator plugs straight into a regular 110v power socket and travels on discreet self-supporting rails with no supporting walls required. With one of the smallest footprints of any home elevator available, it means the Stiltz Home Elevator can be installed almost anywhere in the home.

The lifts can travel from living room to master bedroom, from downstairs cupboard to upstairs cupboard and will even fit into the void of a turning staircase. In Mr Krysmanski’s case, the Stiltz Duo Vista Elevator (with clear body), installed by Citi Elevator from Ontario, was fitted in the corner of his dining room with the lift travelling up to a second bedroom. Mr Krysmanski said: “When the lift is in the upstairs position, the two rails blend in perfectly with the architecture of the dining room and do not interfere with any sightlines.”

He added: “The Stiltz Home Elevator is a perfect concept and requires minimal structural work. It is fast and it is quiet when in operation. I love its simplicity. There is no obstruction on the stairwell as you get with stair lifts or awkwardness as you get off and it has a much faster travel time.

“I’ve also found it useful for carrying cargo between floors such as heavy pot plants, luggage, laundry baskets – even cat boxes! I decided on the Stiltz Duo Vista model because of its looks. The lift just melts into its surroundings and becomes practically invisible.”

The Stiltz Home Elevator is a perfect concept and requires minimal structural work. I love its simplicity.


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