Once January rolls around and the holiday season is over, thoughts often turn to home improvements, winter projects or even what to pick up for your home during sale time. So, we have rounded up a few of the top things to invest in for your home that can make life easier and more luxurious for 2022, why not, you deserve it!

  1. Smart Systems

Whether it is heating that can be activated remotely from your phone controlling the thermostat, so that it is toasty warm when arriving home, or lighting that you can control via voice activated smart speakers, such smart systems are rapidly becoming a must-have. Seek to have your heating system upgraded to include a smart thermostat and it could make a big difference to your bills as well as your comfort.

  1. Home Elevator

A home elevator is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to create a talking point. Installing a Stitz Home Elevator can be a life-changing investment, not just for those with mobility issues, but for those who want to know that their home is future-proofed from the need to add one later. In the meantime, it can offer you quicker, easier transportation between all levels of your home, take away heavy lifting backache as well as provide a lovely luxurious piece of technology that is a fabulous talking point.

  1. The latest kitchen appliances

There is nothing like upgrading one of your appliances to make you wonder why you did not do it sooner. Perhaps you are a keen cook who has always wanted a steam function for bread or an eye level oven to save the stooping down to get your latest bake out. Or maybe you simply want to remove the hassle of measuring out detergent and instead have your washer dryer do it for you. It is certainly worth checking out the deals on white goods at the start of the year if you are in the market for an improved one.

  1. First, coffee

One of the most searched for items across Canada and the USA in the lead up to the holiday season is a bean-to-cup coffee machine. So many of us missed our favourite caffeinated beverage during recent café closures and localised lockdowns that it has made many more Canadians too desire to ensure their coffee at home, whether working or simply relaxing, is just as good.

  1. Security system

One thing that gives us all peace of mind is having a new security system installed. If it has been one of those things that is ‘on the list’ but you never get around to, make 2022 the year you find one to suit your needs. It does not have to be expensive either. Many homes can get by with video doorbell systems and a couple of external cameras, all controlled from your phone or tablet. Being able to communicate with the delivery drivers and just see who is around your property at any given time, night or day can certainly help you sleep easier.