The holiday period is a time of happiness, gratitude, and coming together with friends and family. For lots of households, Christmas offers the comfort of family gatherings, the sparkle of Christmas lights, and the sweet smells of tasty meals filling the room. However, for people with mobility needs, the holiday season can mean quite distinctive challenges. The great news is, with recent developments in home mobility technology, enjoying Christmas has become more accessible and enjoyable than ever before.

  1. Accessible Decorations

Christmas magic often comes from the way we completely transform our homes with decorations.

From snuggly blankets covered in snowflakes to Christmas tree shaped serving platters, the limit is our imagination alone. Thanks to home mobility solutions, now homeowners with mobility needs can decorate as extravagantly as they wish, without the worry of a slip or a fall.

From adjustable height Christmas trees to accessible ornaments, there are so many options which cater specifically to the needs of people who might sit in a wheelchair or not be able to stand for long or reach up etc – making sure everyone gets to enjoy Christmas in the fullest way.

  1. Smart Home Technology

Smart tech is revolutionising the way we organise our lives, buy our groceries and connect with our loved ones.

Never is there a better time to harness the power of smart technology than at Christmas as it streamlines processes and makes them easier – even down to warming your home or setting timers for the outdoor Christmas lights.

Whether you have access to a computer, a smart phone or the internet, there are multiple ways to foster independence in the home and make this holiday season the best-ever!

  1. Adaptive Furniture

Traditionally over the holiday season, there will be a full range of guests gathered around the table from grandparents to friends and neighbors and adaptive furniture could be a consideration to make Christmas dinner enjoyable for everyone.

High back chairs, assistive furniture which helps you sit and stand, and tables with adjustable height settings allow for everyone to feel comfortable during your celebrations.

Even introducing the odd bean bag for your younger guests makes everyone feel welcome.

  1. Accessible Kitchen Appliances

Christmas begins and ends in the kitchen and preparation starts many weeks before the big event itself to ensure all preparation surfaces are clear of clutter, ovens are cleaned, and pantries are filled.

Eye level and waist level appliances are useful if you have visitors who cannot bend or stretch, and a fully adaptive kitchen is ideal for wheelchair users. The following features are especially important such as large areas of free space for moving and turning, a separate hob and oven and plenty of free space underneath work areas.

  1. Home lifts and ramps

At Christmas, your house will be full of guests and visitors coming and going and some staying over. To be able to access all areas, day and night is crucial and a modern home elevator is the perfect solution. Whether it is needed to carry down heavy boxes full of decorations, or the baggage of guests or your more elderly less mobile visitors, a home lift is the perfect solution.

A residential elevator also future-proofs a property for homeowners for later in life, reducing the future costs of moving or downsizing and even adding value to your home. Ramps and grab rails also transform your property into an intergenerational home and can come in many shapes and sizes designed to look good as well as offer a practical solution.

In Summary

Christmas is about love, hope and joy and a time to think about people we love, celebrate them and be grateful for them. Daily living aids can be highly useful at Christmas, with an array of guests and lots to do.

From adaptive food preparation tools to the right level of pillow support for guests overnighting – sometimes the smallest of touches make a world of difference.