1. Intelligent Design

The Stiltz Home Elevator is both elegant and intelligent. Designed to be easy on the eye and functional in equal measure, the capsule- shaped residential elevator can immediately adds value to any Canadian home with its ingenious self-supporting structure, with the lift capable of being installed almost anywhere in the home.

The Stiltz Duo Home Elevator and Stiltz Trio Home Elevator – which can accommodate a standard-sized wheelchair – features a cream color and the Stiltz Duo Alta Home Elevator is available in a soft grey finish. Both have smooth, curved lines and a timeless sense of style – designed to be admired and then blend effortlessly into the background.

Comfortably accommodating two passengers, this home lift gives you a freedom and independence where none of your home is off limits. It travels smoothly and almost silently (thanks to its built-in battery) between floors in under 30 seconds and saves energy by plugging straight into a standard domestic power socket.

2. More affordable than moving

The cost of moving home or downsizing can sometimes outweigh the benefits, so more and more people are turning to a Stiltz in-home elevator to give them as long as they desire to stay in their beloved family home.

The Stiltz Home Elevator is a revolutionary concept which gives you an alternative to the traditional downsizing process. Couples no longer need to move into a smaller, one level premises or a care home, when a home lift can enable them to access every part of their home in total safety and comfort.

3. Space Saving

With one of the smallest footprints on the market, the Stiltz home lifts are incredibly versatile. It arrives in module sections and can slot into almost any area of your home. Popular locations are hallway to landing or main entertaining space up to master suite. It can also be completely hidden from view and travel up from closet to closet or it can even take centre-stage or slot into the void of a turning staircase.

4. Hassle-free installation

A standard retrofit installation can take as little as one day. There is minimal disruption to your home as only the work that requires a qualified builder is a tiny hole in the ceiling for the lift to travel up through and between floors. Unlike other home elevator products which may require pipes moving, radiators shifted and even walls knocked down to accommodate it, the Stiltz lift is modular in design, self-supporting and plugs straight into a regular domestic power socket. There is no need for any major building work, or lift shaft or noisy machine room. It is a clean, simple, fast and hassle-free installation.

5. Reputation

Stiltz is an award-winning international business with an established reputation for exceptional service and delivery. As part of our commitment to provide a seamless customer experience from drawing board to installation, we fully train all of our teams and manage the process from start to finish. Stiltz are leaders in the field of home elevators and strive to continually push the boundaries on design and function of all of our lift creations.