The Canadian economy is coming back strong this year, with the average hourly wage up and the job market growing but understandably consumers are still looking to invest mindfully and thoughtfully.

Here, we discuss here how self-sufficiency and how to make the very most of what you have, can help you to live a fully and happy life, embracing what is right in front of you.

  1. Future-proofing Instead of Moving Home

Moving home is probably more expensive than ever, so families are choosing to enjoy what they have and reinvest into home improvements.

Future-proofing your home is a great way to ensure it can be enjoyed by all generations of your family from grandparents to grandchildren.

A few practical but beautiful changes can create a forever home you will never want to leave!

  • Get rid of furniture pieces that do not add to your design or fit the space
  • Keep some accent or larger pieces and reupholster them
  • Re-finish or spray an existing piece to refresh it
  • A well-lit space is more inviting and appears bigger – have plenty of ambient lighting
  • Paint the room itself – a lighter colour makes a space look larger
  • Consider how you move around your home – a home elevator adds luxury and comfort to your home and is more affordable and stylish than you might think!
  • Add an ‘area’ rug to your floor to define a space
  • Add a wall hanging or feature curtains
  1. Taking care of yourself

There are plenty of ways to treat yourself within a sensible budget and embrace what is already yours!

  • Herringbone Highlights – the coolest part about this trend is that it does not try to hide greys – it actually highlights them using a herringbone pattern of highlighting. Various shades are woven in among grey strands, giving a finely balanced mix of warm and cool tones
  • Write in a Journal – this is a low-cost way of pouring your thoughts onto a page. It is also a lovely record of what you have done and a means to plan for future adventures. Documenting your journey, setting personal goals and recording milestones is very grounding and promotes good mental health
  • Get out in Nature – among all their marvels, trees are good listeners. They stand silently and sensitively, holding space for all our thoughts. Pulling away from the grip of our stressful, urban lifestyles and stepping into the arms of Nature is more important than ever before.
  1. Re-engage with Old Friends


Socialising with people you love and trust, is known to promote good mental health, reduce feelings of loneliness and decrease a risk of chronic diseases such as dementia.

Being around friends also increases a sense of safety, well-being and belonging.

Friends bring more happiness into our lives than virtually anything else. Ways to spend time together include:

  • Take a walk or just chill at home – Enjoying the company of friends shouldn’t have to cost anything. Take a walk together, sit out under the stars and discuss your dreams
  • Join a club together – creating memories doing something you both enjoy is a fantastic way to re-engage with old friends
  • Watch the game – For the next sporting event, like the Superbowl, plan a little get-together. Don’t be afraid to include your family, your friends and your friends’ families too. Get everyone involved.