Canada’s seniors’ population is expected to grow by 68 per cent over the next 20 years, according to a report.

The older demographic has tripled in size over the last 40 years and, between 1977 and 1997, from about two million to 3.5million says the Canadian Institute for Health.

By 2037, the country is expected to have a population of 10.4million over 75s, with numbers of seniors in many provinces and territories at least double what they are now.

The Canadian Urban Institute stated in 2019 that Canada was beginning to go through unprecedented changes in terms of the population balance.

The report stated that ideally a senior should be able to grow older without having to leave their neighbourhood, so that friendships and communities are maintained and seniors can age contentedly in their preferred locations at home and avoid a move into long-term care.

In order for this to be an option, the home has to be made fully accessible should the stairs become a challenge in future. One of the best ways for homeowners in residential properties to remain in their own home into older age is by installing a home elevator.

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While the challenges for Canada in addressing the surge in growth of the senior population remain ongoing, home elevators can help bring full accessibility to seniors who want to age in place, even when mobility becomes more challenging in later life.