Multigenerational Living

Houses where multiple generations of families live under one roof, has been on the rise for the last two decades. The 2021 census discovered that multi-generational households have risen 50 per cent since 2021, amounting to almost 442,000 households.

This is due to numerous pressures including house prices and cost of living, but also due to the advantageous benefits that multi-generational living provides to a family unit. Living together, the family is far more connected and can support each other in many ways. Grandparents can be on hand babysitters to help with caring for their grandchildren and can be supported by their children when they need help and assistance with more physical jobs around the home or getting to appointments.

Shared stories and values are perpetrated, whilst risks of loneliness are mitigated. A residential elevator is often a great addition to a multi-generational household, allowing elder relatives, those with disabilities, or simply anyone who wants to traverse the house with ease whilst undertaking chores, such as to move around the house comfortably and without unnecessary exertion.



It is uncommon for people to want to move house as they age. Home is a great comfort and familiarity as you get older, it is filled with cherished memories from years past. Aging-in-place is desirable for the majority and, with simple planning it can often be achieved safely giving you confidence to live life to the full in the home you love.

Canadians are living longer, and are more frequently living up to 100 according to, and as such more frequently homes need to be future-proofed. Modifications, such as a home elevator, can be more cost effective than moving as well.

Take stock and think about the future, and what you will need as you age. A home lift can often be incorporated into your plans to make ageing-in-place safer, more comfortable, and enjoyable, helping you live life to the fullest.


Home Renovations

Your house is your castle, and it should make a statement about you and how you want to live your life. When undertaking home renovations, people are more and more frequently considering adding a home elevator to their designs for stylish comfort, statement style and to future proof their home for whatever comes.

A home lift can be incorporated into a look and style as you can customise your Stiltz elevator by choosing different colour elevator car, rails, and interior lining. A home lift can also be a statement of prestige and status in a statement home.

Many modern elevators for the home can be incorporated into the hallway of your property to provide guests with a luxurious way to access their guest room and soak in the opulence of their surroundings and your hospitality.

Enhanced Independence

A home elevator provides the family with a seamless way to navigate the whole home without risk of fall and injury. It also reduces the physical load of household duties and chores, making them less onerous and taxing on your energies.

With greater energy and more confidence moving about the home, we find that our customers often report an increased sense of independence and ability to do more in and out of the home. Make the most of life and your independence, for as long as possible with the comforts you need in your home.

These type of mobility products can giving you the energy and independence to pursue the things you love – get to church every Sunday, go for a woodland walk, or catch up with friends for a much-needed coffee and catch up. Socialising is an important element of increased independence, which is much needed for mental and physical wellbeing as we age too.