Many Canadians have had to re-adjust their lives and spend much more time at home during the past few months due to the pandemic and, for those with mobility issues, that may have proved challenging. Having to stay at home for much longer periods of the day means homeowners are likely to move around their houses much more frequently than they would usually have done.

With everyday activities, such as climbing the stairs, not such a straightforward task for those with reduced mobility or, of course, wheelchair users, it may have led to a re-evaluation by many homeowners as to how accessible their home is and what can be achieved to make life easier either now or in future.

One increasingly popular and useful way of making travelling between the floors of a house a more simple task is by installing a home lift, sometimes also known as a home elevator or residential elevator. Home lifts act an alternative solution to a traditional stairlift but offer many more advantages over those types of devices.

For example, a home elevator provides the user with complete independence to move around their home whenever they want. With a stairlift, the individual may need assistance from a family member to assist them getting on and off the device.

Home elevators, such as those design and manufactured by Stiltz, are extremely safe and simple to use providing the user with the capabilities to seamlessly move from floor to floor – all at the touch of a button. Stiltz offer two-person home lifts and larger three-person home lifts which are large enough to accommodate a standard-sized wheelchair.

While safety and ease of use are of paramount importance, the makers of the Stiltz range of residential elevators have also not forgotten about the aesthetics of their product. Designers have ensured that the product is easy to install but also that it looks impressive as possible.

The Duo, for example has one of the smallest footprint of any home lift on the market so they take up very little space in the house. Presented in a matte grey finish, the manufacturers have concentrated on making the Stiltz series of home elevators are eye-catching, impressive to look and an upgrade to the home.

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