Making any large purchase for the home can be a big decision and takes some thought. Customers, including those buying a home elevator, often wonder if there is anything they will regret. Experience shows however that there are so many unforeseen bonuses to having a Stiltz home elevator in the home that the benefits to customers just keep on growing after the installation is completed. Here at Stiltz Home Elevators Canada, we look at five reasons why Canadian homeowners never look back once they have installed a home lift.

  1. The added bonuses

Customers often report how surprised they are at how they use their new residential elevator in ways they had not previously imagined. There is no longer any need to lug heavy items up the stairs for example. Luggage, vacuum cleaners and heavy shopping can be loaded into the home lift downstairs and simply and easily transported upstairs at the push of a button, taking away the back-breaking need for lifting, and the danger of falling on the stairs.

  1. The wow-factor

With the purchase of a home elevator, customers often carefully consider their own family needs and requirements for it, but often do not give much thought to what others will think of it. Once installed visitors are intrigued by and amazed at the new purchase, and the elevator lift becomes a talking point for everyone who visits. Toddlers and young children are often especially excited at the idea of an elevator in the home, and request rides. But one thing is for sure, having a residential elevator adds a definite wow-factor for guests and neighbours.

  1. Quality and customer care 

Stiltz home elevators have been designed using innovative technology to be the quietest, most compact, and safest home lifts possible. The quality and attention to detail in the design of the elevators is key to the success of the Stiltz. In addition to this the customers are at the heart of everything the company do, which means excellent customer service, before, during and after installation.

  1. Peace of mind

Some customers choose to install a residential elevator in the home when their mobility starts to impact on them climbing the stairs and accessing the upper floors of the home. Others choose to buy a home lift to enhance their home and make their lifestyle more convenient. These customers often report that they are surprised at the fact that they no longer have to worry about their mobility in the future. They can relax knowing that should they have a temporary – or even longer term – mobility issue, the house will remain accessible to them. It also means that any visiting relatives who find stairs difficult, can also benefit from the elevator.

  1. Property value

Adding an elevator to the home is not like adding other mobility devices. Bulky and cumbersome appliances like stair lifts have been known to decrease the value of a property. However, as a home lift is used by – and makes life easier for – all members of the household whether or not they have a mobility issue, an elevator is a luxurious convenience. Realtors have said that a well-installed, good quality home elevator can even increase the value of a property, and make it sell faster. If a home lift owner needs to move house and wishes to take the elevator with them, this can be easily done, with reparations made to the aperture in the ceiling, and the installation process being carried out in the new home.