Easter is a lovely time of year to enjoy celebrating with family or have fun with activities that welcome the arrival of Spring. This year why not try something new or bring back an old tradition you have not taken the time to indulge in for a while?

Enjoy an Easter Craft

Decorating eggs to represent the rebirth of spring and spiritual resurrection is an Easter activity widely enjoyed at this time of year. This Easter, do not let the children have all the fun, get in on some decorating with your grandchildren or even with the community or residents group you are part of. It is enjoyable springtime fun for all ages to colour designs on hard boiled eggs for a display or an egg hunt. Or if you would rather not draw or paint, simply get hold of some re-usable plastic eggs from grocery or craft stores to decorate with stickers and fill with small candy treats. Once decorated, the eggs could be donated to a pre-school or community organization for a children’s egg hunt.

Make an Easter Decoration

A spring wreath is a beautiful way to spruce up your home for the season. The best part is that you can hang it anywhere in your home. Whether you are in a room, an apartment or a larger family home, your wreath can go on any door or wall.

Start with a simple, plain wreath, which can be purchased or repurposed from almost anywhere. Next pick your decorations. You can weave silk flowers throughout the wreath or wrap it in a spring ribbon. You can even put faux Easter eggs or a small toy rabbit on the wreath if you wish to make it specific to Easter. The possibilities are endless! Make it as simple or decorative as you wish. Best of all, you can reuse it year after year. Or, if you’ll have guests over, perhaps making a table centre-piece to sit around a glad candle holder would be a great alternative.

Bake Traditional Easter Biscuits
Easter Biscuits are often baked and shared around Easter time or given to guests on Easter Sunday. They are quick and easy to make and a lovely thing to enjoy doing if you have children with you over the Easter period. You could even pass on the recipe for the children to adopt a new Easter tradition with Mom and Dad, or simply make these as a gift for anyone you have visiting over the holidays.

Step Out and Enjoy Nature

Spring is a time when those who find the cold and dark of winter difficult can breathe a sigh of relief and step out into the fresh, colourful season.

After a winter spent keeping out of the harsh cold, it’s lovely for many more of us to be able to venture outdoors and engage in activities that become more accessible once the milder spring weather hits. Taking time to engage with hobbies, nature, or sports is incredibly beneficial for cognitive, physical, and emotional wellbeing on many levels. Even if walking’s not your thing, or Spring has not quite sprung in your region just yet, take time to sit out and enjoy a drink outside on a patio or veranda and look for the first signs of spring or maybe indulge in a bit of birdwatching and challenge yourself to name the species you spot.

Plan your Garden

Gardening is a great hobby to give us something to focus on, cultivate, and care for through the spring and summer. Getting out in the spring and starting to plan a garden, visiting the nursery to pick up plants, and generally get things rolling in your outdoor space can be a great activity around Easter time. Whether it is in your backyard or at a community garden, now is the time when many seniors can start to spend time outside and work on something tangible that we can reap the benefits of over the coming months.

Easter is a lovely time to reminisce over the activities we have ourselves traditionally enjoyed at this time of year, although just remember it’s never too late to try out a completely new hobby. So, whatever you’re planning to get involved in this Easter time, hop to it and enjoy!