As we age and issues start to occur with our health and mobility, it is natural for worries and anxieties to creep in. Increasing numbers of people are choosing to future-proof their homes with home elevators to avoid such worries, but even for older people it’s never too late to make changes to the home to remove the anxiety.

At Stiltz Home Elevators we have seen how our residential elevators have helped our older customers address their fears of aging and the potential hazards growing older can bring.

Fear of falling / heights

As we become less steady on our feet, the prospect of the height of a flight of stairs can feel daunting. Couple this with dizziness, and the thought of falling, and heights which once felt perfectly safe can suddenly feel overwhelming. When situations like climbing the stairs become a worry it creates stress around everyday situations. Installing a residential elevator in the home and taking away the need to use the stairs entirely removes these fears from inside the home, where everyone is entitled to feel secure and independent.

Fear of isolation

We often read of older people who become very solitary in their old age, and for those sociable people who enjoy company, the thought of being alone can be quite worrying. Installing a home lift means that older people can stay independent for longer, easily moving between floors, and being able to access the whole home. This makes having visitors much more possible, and independently arranging to go out to take part in activities is simpler too.

Fear of losing mobility

It is hard for many to imagine the possibility of losing mobility, but as we age various illnesses and conditions can threaten deteriorating agility for a variety of reasons. As this threat becomes more real it can lead to anxiety about the future, and the loss of the independence we so often take for granted. A domestic home elevator in the home means that even if we cannot manage stairs, or even need a walking frame or wheelchair the home is still accessible and does need the upheaval of rearranging rooms to the ground floor or a move into single story accommodation. 

Fear of visual impairment

A great fear for many people growing older is around losing their vision. Lots of conditions can lead to visual impairment, and although many can be treated or slowed, the thought of even partially losing sight can be a huge worry for older people. So much of what we enjoy in life involves being able to see, including being able to move safely around the home. Home elevators are carefully designed with visual impairment in mind, to be easy for those with sight loss to use safely.

Fear of losing confidence

With many life changes, and the world moving at a rapid pace, older people often find their confidence starts to wane in areas we once felt secure. This in turn can spark a fear that we will lose confidence in all areas of our lives, therefore, becoming unable to do the things we love. Having an elevator in the home can help with this, just in the simple way that when we are comfortable and secure in our own homes, we can build our resilience to face better any challenges outside the home.