When our customers initially call us enquiring about our range of Stiltz Home Elevators, one of the most common questions we have, aside is about safety.

If you are considering installing a Stiltz residential elevator and would like to know a bit more about how safe our home lifts are, here is our list of the top five questions that we are regularly asked and some fully comprehensive answers to get you started on your journey.

1) Does the home elevator stop if we experience a power outage?

Our Stiltz home elevators all include an emergency battery back-up power supply. This means if you are travelling in the lift and, mid-way through a journey you experience a power cut, the battery will power the lift enough to lower it gently to the ground floor while you wait for the mains power to return. Stiltz elevators are powered by a self-contained motor and plug straight into a regular domestic power socket.

2) What happens if an item obstructs the lift while it is moving?

Stiltz home lifts include sensors which detect anything obstructing the path of the lift and instruct it to stop. These safety ‘pans’ work continuously and are located above and below the lift. If an object were to block the elevator’s trajectory it simply stops. The home elevator only starts moving again once the obstruction has been removed. A full height light curtain, which is located at the entrance to the lift, also acts as a protective sensor so that nothing moves in or out of the lift while it is in motion. If the light curtain is crossed, again, the residential elevator will stop until the obstruction is removed.

3) Who is in control of the home elevator?

Residential elevators by Stiltz are fitted with unique ‘hold to run’ controls so that the user is in full control of the lift at all times when it is moving. Our products also include two standard remote controls to call the lift from any floor at any time.

4) Can I fall out of the lift?

You cannot fall out of the lift. All Stiltz home elevators are fitted with a self-closing hinged door which acts as a protective barrier when the lift is in operation. The door locks release only when the lift comes to a standstill at its final destination.

5) Do Stiltz home lifts have a weight limit?

Yes home elevators all have weight limits. At Stiltz, our lifts accommodate a capacity of 375 pounds and all are fitted with weight limit sensors to ensure that this is never exceeded. If it is, the residential elevator will simply not operate. Added to this, the Stiltz home lift also has smart sensors which detect whether the lift is off balance. If it is, for safety, the lift will not move. In the unlikely event the elevator exceeds its regular speed, a speed sensor will stop the lift from travelling.

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