Everyone’s situation, home and circumstances are unique and yet we come across customers who, delighted with their new home elevator, often tell us the same things. Here we look at some of the most motivating factors that our customers tell us are behind their reason for investing in a Stiltz Home Elevator.

They make your whole home accessible again

When mobility concerns start to affect you or your family, whatever the reason, living space can become a burden if hard to get around. For some, the risk of a fall whilst using the stairs and the lack of another solution, may have made them reduce their useable space to the ground floor only. Having a home elevator installed can enable you to travel safely and easily from the ground floor to the upper floor of your home at the push of a button, without any difficulty. Having the freedom and independence to move around your whole home once more has proved life changing in terms of accessibility for many.

They are increasingly popular in Canada and around the world

Stiltz Home Elevators operate across the globe and are at the forefront of designing and installing a new generation of self-supporting home elevators in residential properties of all styles. As stylish as they are practical, our home elevators can blend seamlessly with the décor of your home. Home elevators act as an alternative to a traditional stairlift but offer many more advantages over these types of devices in terms of their varied uses and flexibility of installation to name but two, making them a popular solution.

They take up very little space

Traditional, hydraulic domestic elevators require plenty of space, for the elevator itself, an elevator shaft, a machine room and, essentially supporting wall for installation. This then dictates where in the house the elevator can be located. Fortunately, the traditional type is no longer the only option. The entire range of Stiltz Home Elevators are built using a dual rail system which avoids these requirements, making them popular with residential customers seeking a home elevator for all kinds of reasons and properties. Everything is contained within the elevator itself and the power simply connects from the nearest domestic socket. All this makes them quieter and easier to maintain than their traditional counterparts too. The smallest option, the Stiltz Duo Home Elevator, needs only around seven square feet of space, making it a viable option for many.

Home elevators upgrade your home

A home elevator can add value to a home, as a feature which can make simply accessing the whole home straightforward and swift, regardless of any mobility health issues. Also, incorporating the installation of such a feature during a renovation can effectively future-proof your home, such that if your mobility needs change in the future, your home will not have to. No-one wants to be forced to leave the home they love, not to mention have the expense of doing so land upon them, simply because the stairs have become a difficulty. Many customers have found that once installed, their new elevator becomes invaluable; for transporting luggage, laundry, golf clubs or even the family pet!

A wheelchair solution with form and function

There is a home elevator to suit everyone. For wheelchair or walking frame users, a home elevator is probably the best solution out there. Offering a completely safe way to move between floors independently for the user, and giving total peace of mind to family members, the Stiltz Trio is the ideal answer. Our Stiltz Trio Home Elevator is also the only wheelchair lift on the market which has a ‘thru car option if needed. This impressive functionality avoids tricky manoeuvres and is ideal if you need to enter from one side and exit from the other due to the configurations of the rooms within your home.

The perfect stairlift alternative

So many of our customers tell us they could not bear the thought of a stairlift. Many do not like the thought of having such a feature in their entranceway or taking up precious stair space which makes using the stairs more difficult for others in the house. For those with disabilities or more severe mobility issues, the ease of getting on and off the stairlift seat itself is an area of concern. Also, few customers install a stairlift until they can avoid doing so no longer, whereas many of our home elevator customers choose to install as a means of being ready for when the needs are there, as well as be sited wherever in the home is most convenient, making it a great alternative to a stairlift.

Cost need not be a barrier

A home elevator can cost less than you might think. Additionally, this cost is a beneficial investment to put into a property and can add value to a home in the same way as a new bathroom suite or the latest kitchen appliances. For the right buyer, when the time does come to sell, having a home elevator in place will be a desirable feature, with flexible uses. The average cost of installing a home elevator into any Canadian home, is between roughly $25,000 and $45,000. While this may seem extremely expensive to some homeowners, you can be reassured that installing a home elevator could

increase the value of your home by up to 10 per cent and is also an excellent way of future proofing your ‘forever home’. If the elevator is required by seniors or a disabled individual it may be possible to claim up to $10,000 in expenses through the Home Accessibility Tax Credit (HATC).

Our home elevators are one of the safest available

Understandably the area of safety is one many prospective customers have questions about. At Stiltz, this is an area we take very seriously and with a range of safety features including unique ‘hold to run’ controls, a range of sensors and an emergency back up power supply to ensure safe travel in the event of a power outage, we are proud to sell one of the safest available